Mat Green Paper

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

It guarantees to provide the needed financial, technological and human resources for the presentation of quality products and to constantly improve its services. Mat Green Paper acknowledges the principles below as its quality policy.

We work together with workplace safety management systems about

  • The documentation of quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards and the constant improvement of it,
  • Reaching the company and unit goals by acknowledging the total quality principle,
  • Deciding on the preventative approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing the work process within the scope of selfevaluation,
  • The improvement of productivity in all processes up to a level in which international competition is available, in accordance with the constant improvement approach,
  • The encouragement of progressive and creative approaches, the implementation of trainings that will improve technical and behavioral skills,

to become a leading foundation in terms of quality in the field of consumer durables.